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Joey O’Neil has escaped from the industrial depths of downtown Toronto to the blissful abyss of the Yukon wilderness.

In between chopping wood and conversing with common woodland critters around her Klondike cabin, she makes up foolishly heartfelt Canadiana upon her trusty vintage guitar.  Though most of her time is spent in survival mode as she cuts kindling hauls water with her canine sidekick, Oblio, Miss O'Neil released her first full-length album earlier this year.  Produced by Nick Ferrio, Far, Far, Far explores personal yet universal stories of yearning and learning, distance and dreams.  Joey often travels back and forth across Canada, playing intimate shows in between.

She’ll let you know when she strikes gold.




Canada's Far

Seated on a prop prop-plane, Joey dreams of flying cross-country while crooning folk-country.

Special thanks to Scott at Great River Air for use of this magnificent vintage transport device!


Joey rocks out on her porch, pondering the limits of time.

This Cabin

Joey chops wood for winter warmth. Take a peek inside her cozy Klondike cabin!

Song recorded by Fred Mollin and Jake Burns (Nashville, Tennessee)

Break Up

Looking out at a distant Dawson City, Joey yearns for a buoyant vessel.

Yet again, Joey becomes a puppet in this stop-motion mini music video.

Animated by Cardboard Reality Animations

Song recorded by Fred Mollin and Jake Burns (Nashville, Tennessee)

What The Heck!

Leaning on her winter woodpile, Joey reflects on fleeting summer romance.


October 16th KIAC Dawson City, Yukon * with Basia Bulat



"O'Neil is like a brunette version of Joni Mitchell..."
- Grant Lawrence, Radio Host (CBC Radio 3)


"There's just so much honesty in the lyrics and the performance, it's hard not to get carried along."
- Dave White, Radio Host (CBC Radio 1: Airplay)


"Her lyrics are clever - she can melt you one minute and have you chuckling the next.  Canada needs to make artists like Joey O'Neil more famous!"
- Jaymz Bee, Radio Host (JAZZ.FM91)


"Her smooth, folk-country vocals are expertly accompanied by twangs from Ferrio on lap-steel on tracks like What The Heck and Canada's Far."

- Tara McCarthy (North Of Ordinary)


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